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Building in Barskoon

In March 2004, HFH Kyrgyzstan began a new project in the village of Barskoon. Four houses were set to be built from scratch, and one half-built structure was to be completed. The half-built house was finished in February 2005. The rest 4 houses will be finished by July this year. In late spring 2005 we will start the construction of 5 new houses.

To help needy families in Barskoon, a Global Village team from Canada arrived in May 2004 and remained a full month. The first two weeks they spent in Bishkek, helping local families renovate old apartments. They completed this project successfully, and then spent the second part of month in Barskoon.

The houses in Barskoon are built very differently from those in Bishkek. Walls are made of big clay blocks, measuring 50 cm by 30 cm, pressed one after another between boards. The walls are then plastered with a mixture of clay and straw, and then a mixture of clay and sand. After this they are whitewashed. When dry, this white clay compound is as firm as cement. For inside walls families use normal bricks or bricks that they make from clay.

The Barskoon project is on-going, and will engage in the help of several volunteer groups. Volunteers working on this project have found it to be very rewarding.