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Getting Around Bishkek City


Transportation to and from the Airport

First of all, be prepared to be bombarded by numerous taxi drivers upon exiting customs.  You can, of course, strike a deal with one of the drivers, but the safer and less-hassled option is to walk straight past them to the airport taxi office.

There is an Express Taxi Office near the airport exit, and taxis can be booked on the spot into Bishkek. If possible, write your destination in Cyrillic to avoid confusion. The trip from Manas Airport to central Bishkek costs US $10-12, and dollars, som, euro, and rubles are all accepted.  Remember to have the money ready.

A Global Village team leader will discuss the trip to and from airport with the hosting Coordinator prior to the trip to Kyrgyzstan, who will help to arrange transportation and a person to meet the team.

To see more information about Manas Airport, please, click here.

Public Transportation
Public transportation in Bishkek is cheap and fairly convenient.  Municipal buses (автобусы) and trolleybuses (троллейбусы) travel along the main thoroughfares in Bishkek and cost 3 som. The more popular option, however, are the marshrutnye taksi (маршрутные такси) (adapted passenger minivans), which are generally quicker and less crowded.  In addition, "marshrutka" stop on command for both pick ups and drop offs, and not only at designated stops. One way on a marshrutka costs 5 som.  The destinations and landmarks (i.e. "Philharmonia", "ZUM", etc.) are written in Russian on signs at the front and on the side of marshrutka and buses, as well as the designated route number. On a marshruka, you pay the driver when you get on. On buses and trolleybuses, you should get on from the middle or back doors, find a place to stand or, if you are lucky, sit; you then pay the driver as you exit from the front of the vehicle.

For teams Habitat Kyrgyzstan can help you to arrange a private minivan for more flexible travel options throughout Bishkek. Depending on the size of the van and distance of destination it can be hired (with driver) for $35-45/day.


       Super Taxi (English speaking)      152

       Express Taxi (English speaking)  156   (airport office--903780)

       Salam Taxi                                      188

       Ak Jol Taxi                                      182